Mage Kirilli



|G  |C  |-  |G  |
|-  |C  |D  |G  | 
|G  |C  |D7 |G  |

G       C     G           D
Maage Kirilli soyaa yanne maa
D         Am     D         G
aya haa dakinnai daruwan mage
G            C    G           D
piyaasara karanne nidahasin mema 
D       C     Am         G
kaudo bidinne aththatu mage

[Verse 1]
G        F       D7        G
aya asaranai aee awinhinsakai
G          F      D7           G
mauw padawiyen ae sith sathutu wei
G          C       G        D
aththatu bidee maa asarana unothin
D       Am              G
kaudo rakinne daruwan mage

[Verse 2]
G        F      D7         G
Apagey kadalley sathutai radenney
G        D       D7        G
obagey susum maa naa ehi dakinney
G         C       G         D
Rakadenna maa haa daruwan mage
D         Am               G
bindalanu epa dan mage jeewithey


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