"Maiden" by Vic Chesnutt, from the album "the salesman and bernadette"

intro = E
E                  E
Dogs are barkin', birds are chirpin'
    E                       E
the only thing better is if I were squirtin'
        A                          E
there's no one here to love on me today
         F#   A         E
for the maidens on holiday
         F#   A         E
yeah the maidens on holiday

verse 2= i'm a sorry sorry knight in a horrible castle
         hopin' to avoid certain societal hassles
         but i know what they say, that i ain't made of clay
         for the maidens on holiday, yeah the maidens on holiday

I ain't nothin' but chivalrous
ain't never been nothing nasty between us
she knows where she stands
B                 A              
on the heart of a broken man

verse 3= it's gonna be bad no matter what
         so i might as well go on ahead and act like a butt
         any old way, hey i'm still gonna pay
         for the maidens on holiday, yeah the maidens on holiday

there ya go - super fun to sing like vic !!!!!!!!!

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