Marunu Hithe



[Verse 1]
G                Bm
Seerunu hadawatha pela
Am        Bm
Aadambara kam epa
Em        Bm
Re andure ma dawa
Em        Bm
Aganthuka kam epa
     Em                   Bm
Yali sihi wewi ridawum didi re pura
Am               D
Pa hadakam thawa naa
    Em                Bm
Oba gawinma mihidanwa geethe thiya
Am                 Bm
Samuganna ba hitha na

         C         Bm
Marunu hithe ida illa
       Am         D
Nawith indinnam soya
          C    Bm
Pahadul katha....
       C    D
nasi giya...

[Verse 2]
Em           Bm
Lanwi dawati mage
   G   Bm
Unna e kale
     Am      D
Mathakai aadaren 
      G   Bm

Marunu hithe...

[Verse 3]
Em               Bm
Man thaniyen wage 
    G     Bm
Danena me handawe
    Am        D        G    Bm
Oba naa dan durai wenwelaa

Marunu hithe...


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