Mary Of Argyle


             Mary of Argyle

G C G D7 G

[Verse 1]
         G         C                 D7               G
I have heard the Mavis singing, his love song to the morn',
        G          C                     G         D7    G
I have seen the dewdrop clinging to the rose just newly born
        Em                B7                                Em
But a sweeter song has cheered me at the evening's gentle close,
          A7                  D          A      A7           D   D7
and I've seen an eye still brighter than the dewdrop on the rose.
 D7        G               C                Am      D       G
Twas thy voice, my gentle Mary, and thine artless winning smile
          G                  C                 G   D7   G
that has made this world an E.....den, Bonnie Mary of Argyle.

G  D7  G

[Verse 2]
             G                   C                D7                  G
Though thy voice may lose its sweetness,and thine eye its brightness too,
            G                    C               G         D7    G
though thy step may lack its fleetness, and thy hair it's sunny hue
         Em                B7                            Em
Still to me wilt thou be dearer than all the world shall own
         A7                 D          A       A7    D   D7
I have loved thee for thy beauty, but not for that alone
          G                     C               D              G
I have watched thy heart, dear Mary, and thy goodness was the wile,
          G              C                  G   D7   G
that has made thee mine fore....ver Bonnie Mary of Argyle.

G D7 G

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