Me Sanda Unath (Cover Version)



Em              B
Me sanda unath, paya awith
Em       E         Am
Issara wage  eliya dunna unath
C              G
Me hulangamath aayeth awith
D            B         Em     E
Numba hiddi duk sislia dunna unath
     Am                     B7
Pera hemadema numba nathiwa lebuna wunath
   Am                     B7
Me eka rata numba nathiwa thawena deneth
     C        Am     
Heta ena rata numba nathiwa 
F            D      B
kelesaka nam iwasam do..

Em      Am  D             G 
Me gewenne  awasan rayama we
C  Am  B        C     D     G
Aaaye  nam .... raya awasan we...

     Em                Am
Aaye hiru na heta hulangath na
      D             G  
Numba awath me raya na
     Am                F
Aaye numba na duk kanduluth na
     D           B
Raya aawath mama na..


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