My Human Remains


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From: "Stefan Maierhofer" <[email protected]>
Date:          Sun, 7 Jan 1996 13:58:17 +0000
Subject:       TAB: "My human remains" by These Animal Men

album: "taxi for these animal men" by these animal men
song : "my human remains"

transcribed by Stefan Maierhofer   <[email protected]>


D         C#
La regal
Seek amazing news
   A              E
Of proletariat schemes
While the bitterness stings
        C#                  F#m
All the beautiful things to come
     A       E
Wave bye bye bye

And all the people sing
Anything new
G                                F#
Is it the good, the supernatural truth
Will never be parted
And who will see my new soul now?
   E            E/Eb     C#m           B  A
Or wonder at my human remains in their time
G                                Em
In a glimpse I catch our faces
   A     F#m     G        A
Distorted in the motorway lights

And like a child
  C#                    F#m
I hate to be cleaned by someone else
           A       E
When I can do it myself
    D                C#
And I betray with my big western eyes
            F#m             A          E
My fallible selfishness, my ties to my past

And all the people sing


D                A
Disbelief will endorse us
    G                  A
But time will hold our name
    G              D
For fortune is our driver
   Em                             A
In clothes so elegant he pulls us in
     D           A
To a taxi waiting for us
          G                            A
With it's ticking fare ticking perfect time
         G                     D
And I'll lie back with my four faces
             Em                            A
And I'll say driver driver you can drop us anywhere
Anywhere you choose

Stefan Maierhofer

email: [email protected]

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