My Paper Heart


             I figured these ones out a while ago.These are my first chords,tabs whatever so if 
wrong,feel free to flame me.
                   C                     Em
Please just don't play with me,My paper heart will bleed
      F                        G
This wait for destiny won't do,Be with me please I beseech you
C                             Em
Simple things, that make you run away
F               C
Catch you if I can

C                 Em
Tears fall, down your face
     Am        G         F
The taste, is something new(Something that)
C             Em      Am           G           F
I know moving on is, easiest when I'am around you.

So bottle up old love,
And throw it out to sea,
C         Em          F
Watch it away as you cry
A year has passed
The seasons go

Repeat Chorus

Second Chorus(Chords don't change):
Waiting, day to day it goes through
My lips, are sealed for her(My tongue is)
Tied to, a dream of being with you
To settle for less, is not what I prefer


C                 Em
Summer time, the nights are so long
The leaves fall down,
and so do I into the arms of a friend
Winter nights
Em                   F
My bedside is cold, for I am gone
G                               G   C
And spring blossoms me

Enjoy these,please do.And if they're wrong yell,throw a tantrum or email me.
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