My Rainbow Race


             Intro: G(4x)


G            Am7      D7                G             E7
One blue sky above us one ocean lapping all our shore one earth so 

Am7             D7            G         G           Am7
green and round who could ask for more. And because I love you

D7             G
I will give it one more try

E7         Am7          D7       G
To show my rainbow race it's too soon to die.

G                     Am7              D7               G
Some folks want to be like an ostrich  bury their heads in the sands.

E7                Am7                 D7              G
Some hope to take the plastic dreams  can unclench all those greedy hands.

G                 Am7            D7            G
Some hope to take the easy way   poisons bombs we think we need them.

E7             Am7                                D7
Don't you know you can't kill all the unbeliver's there's no shortcut

to freedom


G                Am7                     D7
Go tell, go tell all the little children tell all their mothers

G                E7                 Am7       D7
and father's too, Now it's our last chance to learn to share

What's forgetten to me and you. 


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