Chords used: 

A: 002220
B: 004442
C#m: 046650
F#m: 024400
E: 022100
E/G#: 422100

Capo on the 2nd fret


A  B  A  

Verse 1:
		B		 A		B
		This way is paved with tears
				 E	      C#m	
		Shed for two thousand years
				 A		B		
		Wrung from the saints sincere
				 E		B
		Martyred and mourned

Verse 2:
		B		A		B
		Spirit who scorched their veins
				E		C#m
		Burn in my bones the same
				A		B
		Bid me to earn their chains
				E		B	
And take the cross of my Lord, my Lord and

			E		B
	Give up the whole wide world
			E/G#		A
	Give up the whole wide world
			F#m				E/G#
For my share of blessing and beauty and bloodshed
			A			  B
And wonders and woes, the wonders and woes
		A  	B	A		
Of the narrow

Verse 3:

This way is eased with song
Sung where we don't belong
Sung til the weak are strong
And home with my Lord, my Lord

Order of song:
Verse 1 
Verse 2
Verse 3 

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