Never Wanted To Be Cool


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Never Wanted to Be Cool (Thick Red Wine)


         G            D            Em            C
I hit my peak of popularity back when I was in grade school
      G            D                 Em               C
Everyone wanted to be my friend; I thought that I was so cool 
Some girls in my class were always trying to spell out my last name 
W-o-j-C-i-E-C-H-o-w-s-k I would hear them say 

Now I was just being myself, I had my jock jams on repeat 
I loved Goosebumps, origami, basketball and R&B 
But now pro-wrestling is what I loved most, so did my best friend 
Cooler kids than us had yo-yos and they traded Pokémen 

And back in kindergarten Bobby was just a kid who ate glue 
But by the 5th grade well he was that kid who everybody knew 
And during recess one day he came up to me and my best friend
He said why would someone like you hang out with losers just like him? 


           D            D        C      G    
Well I bet Bobby never makes it out of jersey 
             D         D       C        G
If there's a god, let her show him some mercy 
Because I had not known 
People could be so cruel 
           C        D           G
But I knew I never wanted to be cool 

So then bobby acted like me and him were made of the same stuff 
Trying to be some macho 5th grade ass like he was tough and dangerous 
When I told him to just go away, I had not realized 
My best friend's face had turned a wounded red, tears dripping from his eyes 

So I chased Bobby's skinny little sad and slow misshapen body 
Around the recess yard like dogs chase prey; well that's how I chased Bobby 
Tried to slither underneath a gap in our chain link fence 
But I was fast enough to grab him by the ends of his pant legs 

I pulled him back out to the playground where I lifted him right up
I power bombed him right down on the grass, his body made a thud 
And so they sent me to the principal, office 223 
I said I’m sorry Mr. Kelly, I don't know what came over me 

He said you're lucky; I’m just givin' you a warning 
Think on your wrongs kid, come and see me in the morning 
And I will always recall 
That afternoon at school 
'Cos I learned I never wanted to be cool 

And I know there will be Bobby’s in this world to make me mad 
But you know I didn't really hurt him, in the end is it so bad 
That for a moment I just wanted to be Stone Cold Steve Austin 
Piledrive him down to the ground, then throw him in a coffin 

Sometimes we change so damn fast, we forget moments that defined us 
All the friends we can't remember, all our past selves hide behind us 
Till one day you stop to think about your life and start to wonder 
When this bitter world first stung you kind of like a Stone Cold Stunner 

And now I have gotten older, it has been over ten years 
I am not a violent person and I don't have too many fears 
But there is still not one thing I would not do for my best friends 
All the Bobby’s in this world will never sever me from them 


                 D      D          C      G
'Cos I keep them close, like we're all a family 
              D          D     C    G
And this song might not win me any Grammys 
But I still sing it proud 
As an exception to the rule
         C       D 
I’m glad I never wanted 
C       D
I never wanted 
C       D            G
I never wanted to be cool

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