Nim Him Sewwa


C          A          Dm
Nim him sewwa maa sasare
G       G7             C
Hamuwee yugayen bandhi yugaye
C           A           Dm
Lan wee wen wee waren ware
G          G7           C
Oba haa ma ran huyakini bandune

[Verse 1] 
C      F                  C
Diviye asha gamburin gambure
         F   G7          C          
Layagim sanahaa apamai thawune
F          G      Am                 
Janmen janme rawu deela
    G         F       C             
Oba haa nethange randuna

 [Verse 2] 

C            F           C            
Ira handa se ma pathuman pathu wa
A7          F  G7          C           
Sanasum sayure susuman heluwaa
F            G       Am              
Atharin pathare wiyaekeela
    G       F          C            
Satanin ada maa dhinua waa

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