No Better Than This


             INTRO (2x): (D-A) E  D-A  E  D-A  E

Give me 25 dollars and drive me around downtown 
Solved all my problems, don't let me lose what I found
Give me good lovin' and seal it with a kiss
     E                                             D      A           E
Then drop me off where the music's loud, it won't get no better than this


Take me to a party where I'm the only man
With 50 women waitin' on me who say they understand
Feed me milk and honey, give me a story that I'll never miss
Let me get one good night's sleep but it won't get no better than this


Give me clear vision and don't let me miss anything
I'll take the bird that whistles and the world on a string
Fill my fists full of money in these troubled times
Let me share the water with all, all of mankind


SOLO: A  E  A  E

Give me back my youth, don't let me waste it this time
Stand me up at the golden gates at the front of the line
Let me lie in the sunshine, covered in the morning mist
Then show me something I've never seen but it won't get no better than this


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