No Cigarettes


             Withered Hand - No Cigarettes

Capo 3 

 Am D/F# C G D/F# Em Am D/F# C G G/F#   

[Verse 1]

Am                           D/F#
Think me and you could maybe use a lost weekend
Em         G            C
I've been losing all my friends
Am                   D/F#
I wave another empty bottle in your face,
Em       G           C
Like I'm hitting it hard
But it's just pretend
'cos you know I'm not
   Em          D             C
   I wouldn't know where to start
I've been there before
I went and got lost,
           C                          G        (holds G for a couple of bars -     G/F#
Always the back end of this pantomime horse

[Verse 2]

Am                              D/F#
All we seem to do these days is wave our arms and yell
Em       G           C
   Other people are hell
Am                                   D/F#
And what's that song you're singing, everybody hurts?
  Em       G       C
  And everybody lies,
Don't wanna remember,
too many regrets
    Em    D       C
     And no cigarettes
'cos I'm not a smoker,
But I said I was
         C                         G
And the elevator stuck between the floors
     D/F#   Em
Is getting to me ( 'Is bringing me down' ) alt
Don't let him forsake you                      
 Em              D             C                
Rack 'em up and knock 'em down again           
You're changing direction
I won't know where I was
    C                         G
The back end of the pantomime horse
   G/F#       Em
Is getting to me

Em        G
Ooooooooh delay              (lyrics? possibly odelay)
C          G/B       Am      
Maestro, a drum roll please
Am          Am/G       D ( strummed with some dsus4 on the high e string ) 
This is the golden age
( Hold the D ) 
Mid Inst/solo :- (as with start of song) Am  D/F# C G G/F# Em Am D/F# C G G G/F# 

[Verse 3]                                               

Am                D/F#
Staring down the corners of the room
Em        G      C
Another nowhere town
Am                        D/F#
When everything I sing is in a minor key
Em         G        C
I have to write it down,
Or I won't remember
Then I'll get it wrong
 Em    D        C                 
 This isn't the song,
I'm thinking I'm not the singer
That I thought I was
       C                     G
In the solitude before the applause
   G/F#        Em
Is getting to me


Em           G
Oooo....    de ...lay
C       G/B      Am
Maestro a drum roll please
            Am/G   D  .... 
This is the golden age

(Holds D chord for 2 bars, last 2 beats you play rising F# - G bass notes)

Outro (short version of intro chords) :- 

Am D/F# C G    That's It! (a nice way to end the G chord is to hammer off the high c-b notes on the b string)

Chords used   (some of them, including the more difficult ones)
     Am          D/F#      G/F#    Em        G/B
e ---0-----------x---------3-------0---------0
B ---1-----------3---------0-------0---------1---0 ( makes it a G chord essentially, if played open )
G ---2-----------2---------0-------0---------0
D ---2-----------0---------0-------2---------0
A ---0-----------0---------x-------2---------2
E ---x-----------2---------2-------0---------x

There are obviously a lot of articulations like hammer ons ( b-c on the b-string during Am chord as
an example.) in the song, but really you have to find your own style here or copy it faithfully but 
that's beyond the scope of this chord tab....or else I'm too lazy. How much detail d'ya want for pete's

Uncle Beesly

Have a nice day

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