Oba Aetha Sanda Wee Paya


      Fm    Eb       Fm     
  Oba aetha sanda wee paya
      Eb     Cm         Fm
  Mama meatha tharuwaka pipila
              Ab  Eb        Fm
  Me nisala reye   lowa nidana
             Ab         Fm
  Ma oba oba ma langa inna
  [Verse 1]
      Ab      Bb        Fm
  Apa durin duraka wuwa thaniye
       Ab    Bb         Fm
  Neth sarin pamani hamuwuye
  E  aeth bawani hada andure
      Ab      Eb       Fm
  Senehase sonduru bawa pirune
  [Verse 2]
        Ab         Bb       Fm
  Madhu sanda tharuwada hamuweela
      Ab       Bb    Fm
  Sitiyada oba ma lanweela
  E duraka eda apa pipila
        Ab        Eb       Fm
  Thibu sonduru sene ganga sindila

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