Oben Thora Lokayak Kohendo


E          A
Oben thora lokayak kohindo
Oben thora heenayak
Oben thora maawathak
 E         B         E
Oben thora geethayak koindo

[Verse 1]
E             B                 E
Dakina heama roopayama obe ruwa se pene
                       C#m        E
Asana heama geeyakama obe  kata handa ase
B        E
Obe kata handa ase

[Verse 2]
E             B               E
Sihinayen sihinayata obai serisaranne
                   C#m        E
Asipiyen asipiyata oba pamani sitinne
B           E
Oba pamani sitinne


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