Prarthana Mal (Theme)



|F   |-  |-  |-  |
|F   |-  |-  |-  |
|Dm  |-  |C  |-  |
|Bb  |-  |F  |Bb |
|F   |C  |Am |F  |
|-   | 

F                Dm               Am
prarthana mal.... pipunu mal maawathe mal
F      Dm      F
pahasa nuhurui wage
F              Dm               Am
nohangena e... suwanda mathaken soya eka
F      Dm   F
magaka aawa wage

F                  Dm
mal pahasa nuhurui wage
C                  F
api thaama thaniyen wage
   Bb              Gm  
sansun pathum sith pura...... 
     C    Dm      F     
neth maanaye sari sara
     Bb           Gm
thun kal bala mal wara wela 
     C      Dm   F
thun path sina pirila


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