Pray~Kendall Payne

Capo on 4th fret

I will (C) pray for you (D) now, for you have (G) been my faithful (Em) friends
While the (C) road we walk is (D) difficult (G) indeed
I could (C) not ask for (D) more than what you've (G) already (Em) been 
Only (C) that you would (D) say these prayers for (Em) me
May your (C) heart break (D) enough that (G) compassion enters (Em) in 
May your (C) strength all be (D) spent upon the (G) weak
All the (C) castles and (D) crowns you build and (G) place upon your (Em) head
May they all (C) fall, come crashing (D) down around your (G) feet
May you (C) find every (D) step to be (G) harder than the (Em) last
So your (C) character grows (D) greater each (G) stride
May your (C) company (D) be of humble (G) insignificance (Em)
May your (C) weakness be your (D) only source of (G or Em) pride 
What you (C) do unto (G) others may it (D) all be done to (Em) you 
May you (Am) meet the One who (D) made us
And see Him (Em) smile when life is (D) through 

May your (C) blessings be (G) many but not (D) what you hoped they'd (Em) be
And when you (Am) look upon the (D) broken
May mercy show (Em) you what you could not (D) see

May you (C) never be (D) sure of any (G) plans you (Em) desire
But you'd (C) learn to trust the (D) plan He has for (G) you
May your (C) passions be (D) tried and tested (G) in the holy (Em) fire
May you (C) fight with all your (D) life for what is (G or Em) true 
I have (C) prayed for you (D) now all my (G) dear and faithful (Em) friends 
But what I (C) wish is more than (D) I could ever (G) speak
As the (C) way wanders (D) on I'll long to (G) see you once (Em) again
Until (C) then, would you (D) say these prayers for (Em) me?
Oh, (C) that you would (D) pray for (G) me

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