Premawanthiye Mage



G  D/Dsus4 / Gsus4

   G   D          Gsus4/C   
Premawanthiye mage
   G   D          Gsus4/C   
Premawanthiye mage
G    Gsus4/C
G   D    C
Aaa aaaa mmmm
G        D                 Gsus4/C
Ma langa indan thawa thawa pem katha
G       D          Gsus4/C
Kiyanna mata thawa lanwela
Am    G       D
Obage aadaren math wela
Am     C               D
Yanna epa ma thani karala...

[Verse 1]
C               G
Dura yanna nam epa
C         G
Me aadare thama..
C                G
Jeewithe thibena thura..
Am         D       G
Premawanthiye... mage...

[Verse 2]
G   D               Gsus4/C
Oya as walin galana aadare
G      D         Gsus4/C
Wessak wage maha sagare
Am               D
Nodanido ma gena aadare
Am      C       D
Oba nowedo jeewithe 

Premawanthiye eee mage....


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