Ra Andure Sayure Paawi


  Em      C  Em
  Ho oo....
         C            A             Em
  Ra andure sayure paawi, aeatha yaawi
  C         Em
 aeatha yawi

Em | - | D | -
Em | - | 

[Verse 1]
           Em  F            G              Em
  Deatha sawi, habale rendi paawenne rayamaye
  Em           F           G            D       Em
  Dewiyani obe saranaya leabi hirawenne madiyai ape

[Verse 2]
         Em  F              G                  Em
Werale pele, sonduriya mage aayadinne pihitai obe
Em            F              G         D      Em
Dewiyane obe, saranaya leabi raka dewi jeewe ape

[Verse 3]
           Em   F             G                   Em
Sulange senehe
napurui wage, oruwe ruwal binda wete
Em           F              G         D          Em
Dewiyane obe saranaya lebi, genayanna godabima wete

 [Verse 4]
         Em   F            G                   Em
Sayure jale , semada mese, bili weido apa jeewithe
Em           F              G        D         Em
Dewiyane obe saranaya lebe, kisidaka sekayak nethe

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