Rabbit Box


             Vic Chesnutt ~ Rabbit Box

Off "Little" (1990)

NO CAPO standard tuning

Here is the Gsus4 flourish that happens at the end of lines:

       * Gsus4

            C                   G    *Gsus4  (see above)
While I was still in elementary school

C                    G    *Gsus4
I discovered Daddy's tools

Em                  C                   G      Gsus4  (normal)    
     And amassed a small pile, of scrap lumber

C                         G   *Gsus4 
     And I built a rabbit box

C                        G     *Gsus4
     And I set it facing north

Em                  C            G
     But I caught a possum and a kitten

        D            C            G
Both of which were a bitch to set free

                D                  G     C         
Cause I thought they was a-gonna bite me

C                            G
But we all three escaped safely

C                              G    *Gsus4
Well once I took my single shotgun

C                         G    *Gsus4
     And put on my camouflage

Em                              C    G   Gsus4
     And hid in the neighbour's pasture by the little cow pond

    C                       G    *Gsus4
And finally after a long time

C                      G     *Gsus4
A bunch of doves flew by

Em                    C            G
     And landed in a huddle on the power line

         D                G     C
And so I aimed with an eagle's eye and fired

           G                          D                  C
But it was two pigeons that fell like bean bags into the weeds
                                    G     Gsus4    end on G
Well they sure looked like doves to me


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