G               Bm   C                   Em
It's raining outside    but that's not unusual
G                    Bm      C            Em
But the way that I'm feeling  is becoming usual
C                 D         G                 Em
I guess you could say   The clouds are moving away
D                           Cm      G     Gsusp  G
Away from your days     And in...to mine

G                Bm      C               Em
Now it's raining inside    and that's a shame
G                   Bm   C         Em
And it's getting to me,    a happy man
C              D           G            Em
Why should you want to     Waste all my time
D                          Cm    G   Gsusp  G
The world is yours     But I am mine

G            C     D     G 
Rain, rain, rain, in my tears  
G          C        D    G
Measuring carefully my years
G             C      D       Bm
Shame, shame, shame,   in my mind
Bb               Am         G
See what you've done to my life (repeat)

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