Riding Alone


             Bb Gm   x4

D         C    Bb  G       
Bb              Gm 
Get off the road
G           F  Bb     C  G
              Bb     Gm
Riding alone

(same melody & chords)

Cover your eyes
So you can hide from

the lights of the past
they're following fast    ohh

The twists and the turns
the tire that burns ohhh

D                         C  Bb    A
Bb           Dm                   Am
Shadoooooww   on the walll

A  Bb  A  G   Bb  D       C Bb A
               Gm           D5              Am
It's the only thing behind me at all

Bb      Dm    Am
Shadoooooww   on the walll
Gm     D5    Am     A

back to verse

The fire's inside
You just need your eyes oohhh

The horrors that came
they made us insane ohhh

Reach for the clouds
But fog's all around ohh

Go on run inside, 
it's our time to hide ohhhh


Brace for the crash,
The sky made of ash oohhhh

Get to high ground
run from the sounds oohhh

save yourself 
don't try to help ohhhh

live in a hole
the myth of control ohhh


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