C Em F C (4x)

[Verse 1]
C                Em           F               C
Sabina came from Texas with a scar across her cheek
                  Em        F           C
a razor blade had cut right through it
She didnt talk about it
         F             C
yeah but it was understood
                 Em        F            C
that it had been done by a man she once loved
                        Em     F                  C
what an awful thing to do man when she looked at you
            Em             F    C
there was a sadness in her eyes
                  Em         F                   C
it really made me wonder how someone could be so cruel
          Em        F          C
to cut so deep into someone so nice

     F       Fm              C               Am     C
well sabina! sabina, tell me how could it be so cruel
       G    F       C
Sabina what becomes you?

[Verse 2]
C               Em                        F          C
well Sabina she made up her mind she said "no never again"
                  Em                    F          C
but wheres a girl gonna get away from a man like that?
          Em                             F                   C
she didnt have much school no, shes just your basic kind of girl
       Em             F                          C
from a simple little town with a monster in the woods

         G                                      C
well the kids were grown they sold her home she wasnt coming back
    G                                               C                G
she heard about a job in the middle of a war in the kitchen in Iraaq

[Verse 3]
C                          Em                 F                       C
well, before she left they called to say that "wars no place for you, you better stay"
               Em                  F                   C
I wouldnt walk away from me if you know whats good for you
              Em                   F                         C
"No" she said "this is goodbye" and "by the way i hope you die,
         Em                        F              C
cant see anything being worse than being with you"

[Chorus 2]
     F       Fm              C               Am     C
well Sabina! Sabina, tell me what else would you do?
       G    F       C
Sabina what becomes you?

[Verse 4]
C               Em            F                       C
Sabina's got an army now that treats her with respect
           Em                       F              C
she brings them to a kitchen in the middle of Iraq
                Em                                F                                  C
and the men who work for her are like litte water ducks that form in lines behind her

[Chorus 2]
     F       Fm              C               Am     C
well sabina! sabina, tell me how could it be so cruel
       G    F       C
Sabina what becomes you?

[Verse 5]
C                Em           F               C
Sabina's in the desert now lookin up at the starts
           Em                        F                     C
she aint afraid of anything anymore, not even all the bombs

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