See You Around


             a popular track from the awesome cd "about to choke". i dare you to find an easier song!
intro = C to F, C to F etc
-verse =
          C            G    F         C              C             
well i'm sorry for my lack of communication as i'm starin' out this fifth  
floor window
                F                                 C
seems like the least amount of communication, the better
         C                    G
oh well what am i supposed to say
                  F            C
there's a bloody effigy on my wall
         C                G                   F          C
and the complimentary carnation is falling apart

       Dm                     G
but i ain't got time for the niceties
                 Dm                      G
or rather i was never never fond of the niceties
                C    F           C       F
i will see you around  see you around
                  C     F                    C         F

seeeeeeeeeee you around  seeeeeeeeeee you around

other verses=
i must admit i'm flattered by your consecration
it's a mind-numbing, spine-chilling but nevertheless heartwarming gesture
but as you make your advances so clumsily
i'll save us both the hassle and leave
and hang out all night with the familiar fluorescent lights
of dunkin' donuts
well how are you with issues
lately you've been a half-assed activist
you've been seen sashayin' around the picket line
wearin' scarecly any sign
oh but always vocal in love and strife
and the politics of your all-important life
well i'm sorry, but your routine
is comin' off a bit ragged
hope y'all like it !!!!!!!!

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