Shantha Me Ra Yame


| D | - | A | -|
- | - | D | G|
|F#m| Em| D |

D                                        A
Shantha me ra yame enne, Kumudu male siriya

                     D  G|F#m|Em|D
Sandakanthi wedi saumya...

[Verse 1]
D     A                D
Eyi negi hada prema tharanga//
D   F#m    D                         A    
Me ama dahare, neka thuruliya nelawenne
                     D  G|F#m|Em|D
Me seethala mada pawane...

[Verse 2]
Ha ase wana kokila geethe
D   F#m     D
Ha ase wana kokila geethe
G             Em    A       A7     D
Soka yaa wisindila, wesanga me pun poda
A               D
Mahimi dinu thailona...

[Verse 3]
D    G  A        D
Me reye geetha gayala//
D       G       D        Bm           Em
Sundara ranga pala, athi sobana me uyane
    A        A7      D  G|F#m|Em|D
Api nelawemu pem dahare...


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