Slight modification of a currently 4-star rated tab on the site. The F#7 is not canon, 
but I like the ring at the end of the verse.

Nothing irregular about it, meaning you can copy the chords directly to any other verse.

Bm         G                 D         F#m
I've gotta try it's not over yet
Bm            G                D         F#m
   No signals of life have you left
Bm          G                 D
My heart is bleeding just for you
F#m             Bm
Bleeds for only you
       G                 D        F#m
And it hurts to know the truth

(let F#m ring)      Em
Are you looking for savior
Chasing a dream
Love turned to hate
Now I'm crossing the border
Sealing our fate
But I'm not afraid

   Bm              F#m
Oh Sinéad, for the first time
A                  E
Life is gonna turn around
            Bm           D          A                     F#m
I'm telling you you will like it, I know (I know, I know, I know, I know)
   Bm               F#m
Oh Sinéad, it's the first time
A                   E
Only you can set it free
   G            A               Bm
Oh Sinéad, come break away with me

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