Since The Creation


             Note: Blood Ritual is the second album by the Swiss heavy metal band Samael,
      released in 1992 on the Century Media Records label.

Track list: "Epilogue" – 0:40
            "Beyond the Nothingness" – 4:31
            "Poison Infiltration" – 3:58
            "After the Sepulture" – 4:35
            "Macabre Operetta" – 6:41
            "Blood Ritual" – 3:25
            "Since the Creation..." – 0:34
            "With the Gleam of the Torches" – 6:25
            "Total Consecration" – 2:40
            "Bestial Devotion" – 4:50
            "...Until the Chaos" – 3:25


Every men born evil
                       Em           B
Someone will try to be good as they can
Some other will dedicate their life
To the unholy lord of the earth

B           Em       Fm      Em      B

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