Tabbed according to the album version of Therapys? Skyward. The timing isn't perfect in 
bridge part, but just listen to the song and you'll hopefully get the idea
Not quite sure about the lyrics. Seems that they use different lyrics nowadays compared 
the album version, so i just used the ones I could find 
Enjoy! Please leave corrections if you have any

Chords used in this song:

Bm, G, D, A

Use powerchords


Bm, G, D x 3

Bm                   G             D
This reminds me when they shot him dead
Bm                   G             D
Don't go out of this place is what he said
Bm                G       D
Saw a movie and I finally cried

            G     D  G     D
You sent me skyward, skyward

Bm                   G             D
So many people asking how much I had
Bm                            G             D
The world flashes, Christians slide into Hell
Bm                             G              D
What I've got is bad but I'm as high as a bird

            G     D  G     D
She sent me skyward, skyward

A                          G                  D
Said, one day I'm dreaming just about like before (?) (one day I'll reveal ? for) (?)
A                          G                 D
You sure of my feelings just like before (?) (one day you're sure I'm off my face I just 
the door) (?)
A                          G                  D
I got stabbed back then so I said (?)(one day I've got to step back and see where to 

            G     D  G     D
You sent me skyward, skyward

Bm                        G             D
You took your heart with you safe as mine (?)
Bm                        G           D
Time after time I've broached desire (?) (take away the pain) (?)
Bm                       G             D
In those parties where all times of year (?)

              G     D  G     D
She poured me skyward, skyward
G     D  G     D
skyward, skyward

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