Soft Picasso



album version - LITTLE

   G  G9  Am   C   D  Gsus4  Em  

         G                  G9 G
It was a modern love affair
   Am                 C
Completely cool and casual 
     G                                G9 G
They hardly knew each other was there
       Am                                        C
I mean both of them had their own getting off to do
                Am                         G
And they had to dream about their own self
Am                C
When they were through

        C                D
But the modern girl was elated
     G        C           D
With what the revolution gave her
G   C                  D              G
And since she was liberated she could have
C               D
Everything that striked her fancy

        G                  G9 G
And she fancied quite a bit
          Am               C
I mean if it felt good she did it
    G                                    G9 G
And she did it every chance she could get
         Am                  C
With her main modern man and otherwise
        Am                           C
And her taste wasn't limited to just modern guys

       C                  D
Since another modern girl showed her
G    C                        D
That modern girls know how to hold her
G   C                      D
And after she had her eyes opened
    G   C                         D
All her old close friends started getting closer
    Am                       C   D     G   Gsus4  G
And new friends weren't that far   far away

        G                            D
But the modern man he just wasn't so lucky
      Em                D             Am           D
He being shook from his usual role as a heartbreaker
       G                         D
He was completely battered and bewildered
                 Em         D          Am            D
When he actually    started in feeling something for her
       Em                         C
And he then, he discovered a new emotion
          G                             D
When they stopped ending up together as frequently
Em                     C
And when he finally confronted her with the question
             G                               D             Em
Had she been bedding down with others in the periphery without him?
And she replied,  Hell yes ain't it funny?

   G                  G9 G Am                                C
So view the modern man     looking, looking, looking, like a soft, soft Picasso
     G                              G9 G
He's there with his head in his hand
  Am                    C
Repeating to himself an epigram
Am                C               G9
Live by the scam, die by the scam

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