Someday After A While


F    D7
G7   C7
F    Bb
F    C

[Verse 1]
         F                                     Bb
I got to ride that lonesome train. My heart is heavy with
      Bdim7                    F        D7        Gm
Aches and pain. But I said but someday, someday baby, after
         C7          F     Bb  F   C
A while, you will be sorry.

Bb     Bdim7
F      D7
Gm     C7
F      Bb
F      C

[Verse 2]
Bb7                                  F
Troubles travel on my mind. Trouble, trouble,
way down the line. But I don't need, your sympathy
So babe, babe, don't you, don't you pity me.

[Verse 3]
      F                              Bb
I may be blue, but I don't mind, I'm gonna leave
    Bdim7                  F                 D7                    Gm     C7
all my case behind. I said someday, someday, someday baby, after a while
          F     Bb Bdim7 C Gb F
you'll be sorry.

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