St Patrick


             Hey guys thanks for stopping by. This is the first chords thingy I made, because I love this song so much but 
there hasn't been any chords of it in here. Well I hope it's all good. If you have any 
corrections leave the comment down below. Enjoy! :)

C# Fm G# Fm 

[Verse 1]
            C#                     Fm          G#   Fm
I know it's chemicals that make me cling to you.
              C#                     Fm          G#   Fm
And I need a miracle to get away from you.
                C#     Fm          
I know it's chemicals, Oh (that make me cling to you, cling to you)
             G#        Fm 
and I need a miracle,  Oh
              C#       Fm
And I'm not spiritual, Oh  (but please stay)
                         G#                          Fm
'Cause I think you're a saint and I think you're an angel. 

I said, Ooh ooh ooh  
Fm                             G#                        Fm
You give me something to talk about, something to talk about.
 I said, Ooh ooh ooh
Fm                              G#                   Fm
You give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head.
C#    Fm              G#     Fm
         You're a miracle. 
C#    Fm              G#     
         You're a miracle. 
  A miracle. 

[Verse 2]
(use the 1st verse's chords // C# Fm G# Fm )

Transparent hands were at my neck,
But I love the way you let me breathe instead.
Take in your chemicals, 
You are a miracle, 
And I'm not spiritual,
But please stay,
'Cause you're a glimpse of bliss, a little taste of heaven. 

(repeat CHORUS)

(strum it one time only)
         C#                  G#          Fm
I need a miracle to bring me back to you.
                 C#                  G#
I know you're gone now but I still wait for you.

(repeat intro)

(repeat CHORUS)


(strum it one time only)

   C#                  G#          Fm
I still wait, I still wait for you
                   C#                  G#
Ooh I know youre gone now, but i still wait for you wait for you

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