The same basic D/A/G/D chord progression is usable throughout. During the chorus and pre-chorus, D slides up 
to E for one beat before the the progression repeats. The pre-chorus adds C for two beats: just give 
A and C two beats each.

    D5   A5   G5   C5   E5

D5 A5 G5 D5

[Verse 1]
D5                  A5      G5
Have you all of my lifetime
Kinda hard to make light
D5                A5
Imagining when you were inside
         G5                    D5
When you made those kicks at night

[Pre-Chorus 1]
D5                 A5
Don't wanna hurt you
           C5 G5            D5  E5
Don't wanna run away from myself
D5       A5    C5  G5            D5  E5
Want your whole star to shine on in
D5     A5      C5  G5
One star, one light
                D5  E5
The meaning of life

D5 A5               G5   D5  E5
You won't let me go astray
D5 A5                G5   D5  E5
You will let me find my way

[Verse 2]
D5              A5
Find a way to stand
      G5             D5
And a time to walk away
D5             A5
Letting go to let you lead
   G5                D5
I don't know how it ends

[Pre-Chorus 2]
D5         A5         C5  G5
Comes a time when you answer
            D5  E5
Do it with heart
D5               A5      C5  G5
Want you to express yourself
                        D5  E5
Not let it get to your head

D5 A5                G5   D5  E5
You won't let me go astray
D5 A5                G5   D5  E5
You will let me find my way
D5 A5                G5   D5  E5
You, you love me either way
D5 A5 G5 D5
You stay


D5 A5 C5
G5 D5 E5

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