Summer At Eureka


C                Em
Baby I've been a fool on time
        F                  C
But it's always been in my way
            G            F
And I don't know or understand it now
   C               Em
So darlin' summer's almost gone
              F                 C       G
And I've been cold and along my way everyday

            F          Am
I'm calling out in overload
        C        Em           F            Am
Just to save you for it's the only time we know
      C         Em            F             C
Yesterday is so far and I can only begin to say

C          Em
I've been winging it here
     F                     C
But time's just killing my day
         G                 F
Yearning for to touch your ways
    C             Em
Now any time you feel inside
         F              C
Don't be lonely in your sleep
           G                   F              Am
Dream your there cause it will always keep us bound

         C        Em           F                Am
It's the same old laws that we learned on yesterday
          C              Em
It's your way I'm calling out
        F               Am
And how god has blessed me
    C         Em    F               Am
How long this time will we have our way
         C              Em             F               Am
Just the same spring is gone and your summers on it's way

C        Em
Feel it now
      F                C
Don't worry what's going down
           G             F      G      C
cause everything we ever had is always here.

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