Sweet Louise


             [Verse 1]
    A     E           Bm                   E
Let go Louise, like a river runs wild over me,
    A      E     Bm                           E
And listen to, A word thats been passed on to you,
      F#m       E                   F#m        E
But I dont understand, You put your hand in my hand,
D              A         E
And it lays me down with ease,
E                A
Absolutely Sweet Louise

[Verse 2]
    A      E           Bm             E
Its all by chance, but maybe no coincidence,
    A       E                 Bm                 E
And now its late, See all the places you want to create,
        F#m           E            F#m       E
But I'm alone and its cold, and it starts to unfold,
             D         A      E
But I really dont know what I need,
E                A
Absolutely Sweet Louise

       Bm                          E
Oh I'm lost where the words have no meaning
         Bm                E
Write it down but just cant explain
         Bm                         E
When the time comes to knock at your door
            D          A      E
Well I wont know, what for

[Verse 3]
     A     E           Bm                       E
Dont go so fast, Cause surely this moment cant last,
    A    E             Bm                  E
And dont regret, But remind me cause I may forget,
         F#m             E               F#m     E
That you are somewhere else, and I shall tell myself,
            D          A      E
That all we are is the air we breathe,
E                A
Absolutely Sweet Louise

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