Thats What Im Talkin About


             Artist: John Michael Montgomery
Title: That's what I'm talking about
capo 1

C      F     G

Turn on the radio, turn on my T.V
   F                        G  
They're talking bout war They're talking bout peace
Talking bout you talking bout me
 F                       G
The way we ought to act the way we ought to be
  F                          C 
They talk about stars and the latest syles
      F                                 G          N.C.
They don't talk about much that seem worthwile  Meanwhile..

  G                   F         C
Me and my baby slip under the covers
 G                             F             C 
Get away from the world and whatever other stuff is
   Am                     F
Going on and start to working on
A little heart to heart mouth to mouth
Thats what I'm talking about

C      F        G

All of our neighbors and most of our friends
  F                     G      
They talk about Tiger who's out and who's in
American Idol and who's gonna win
  F                       G
They talk about politics with their own little spin
 F                            C
Let'em have their opinions, let'em speak their minds
 F                              G
Let'em talk about the weather cause come rain or shine

F     C      F

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