D  D

D                           G
The way the two of you were standing outside the door
  Em                     A           D
I knew you'd reached the end of your dream
                             G                 Em
And when you walked into the room without your girl
    A                            D 
You didn't have to say a word to me
Bm                          G
In the long lonesome summer many things will change
A                                     D
A lot of part time friends have moved along
Bm                               G
When good times have you smiling I know you're in there dying
A                                 D (x2)
Cause it's just another good time gone
D                          G
One of the times we got to work a little late
    Em            A                D
For drinking on a night too hot to sleep
                         G             Em
You said you didn't mind going on this way
   A                              D
As long as it was good enough for me
Bm                              G
They say the weather's changing seasons are rearranging
Em             A              D
Summer's never been this long before
Bm                             G            
Sometimes it makes me spin how things were so different then
    Em                 A            D
But lately they aren't different anymore

D G Em A D
D G Em A D

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