This Video Is For A Tax Write Off


             Gus Johnson - 'this video is for a tax write off'

             D   A7  Bm
I just got a new key-tar
                     G   A   D
It's like a keyboard and gui-tar
                D         E
I didn't really need this shit
              G   A   D
I just really wanted it
                  D   A7  Bm
But I don't wanna pay the tax
            G    A  D
The IRS can kiss my ass
                  D          E
And I don't wanna fight them off
           G     A  D
So I gotta write it off
     D         A7   Bm
This whole damn video is just a ploy
          G          A           D
For me to go and buy this stupid and expensive toy
     D                 E
If I put this crazy keytar in a skit
         G      A  D
then the stupid IRS just can't do shit
     D         A7     Bm
I reported all my income and paid my rents
        G           A          D
But believe me when I say this is a work expense
  D                      E
I think I'm in the clear, but before I go
I'll hit you with a hot keytar solo

D A7 Bm
D   E
G A D 

...I also bought these nerf guns
and this gamecube
and a rock salt lamp
and this little box that plays Harry Potter music when y-

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