Too Much


             Tuning: Tune your guitar to 436 kHz if you play along the original song*

Am    Em    Am    Em
Dm Em Am F  Dm Em Am F  Dm

Am  Em                          Am
    Hello dawn, you're here at last
  Em                Dm  Em
To reveal what can't be hidden
Am                    F         Dm Em
Through the blinds, the sun meets my eyes
Am   F
With it,
Dm                                          Am
    Blinded by the hope of a love in your eyes
Em                       Am        Em               Dm  Em
Is my heart too much for you to succumb to what has risen?
Am              F          Dm    Em    Am   F
Rivers run and tides grow high, that's living
Dm                                                Am
    Who would wanna try to steal all of that freedom?

(Am)  Em    Am    Em
Dm Em Am F  Dm Em Am F  Dm

Am    Em    Am    Em
Dm Em Am F  Dm Em Am F  Dm

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