Travelin Teardrop Blues


             Travelin' Teardrop Blues
This is how the Stringdusters play it.  Works well...

G                 G7
Adios, I heard me callin'
C                    C7
And I felt my spirit fallin'
G                    G7             D
'Til the warm desert wind picked me up
G                 G7
I've been lost in all four corners
C                    C7
Drifted over California
G                      D
Leavin' shadows on the ground
G  C   G
Like clouds above

##second verse the same way
On my way through Arizona
I began to pinin' for you
Red rocks run the road beside me along my way
Just like me they like to travel
Won't sit still less than I do
I can't sit still 'til I get me back to you

Pick me up like some hitchhiker
Bb                            D
Let me ride into the wild and blue
I don't care which way I'm goin'
C                                   D
Long as that's the way you're goin' too
Bb                    C                  G
I am the man with the travelin' teardrop blues

Angel wakes up on the mesa
In the air she makes her face up
With the pain of some red warrior in her eyes
In the dark behind a curtain
On a bed of lust I loved her
While she slept I left a tear to say good-bye


Bb                    C                  G
I am the man with the travelin' teardrop blues

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