C        Gadd11
Slow sad guitar
         Am                 Fadd9
As I’m sitting here in the dark
            C           Gadd11
You never tried to ask before
             Am                    Fadd9
And now I'm staring at a closing door

C        Gadd11
What happens now?
         Am                 Fadd9
Seeing your face in every crowd
            C           Gadd11
I tell you everything’s okay
            Am                   Fadd9
And you believe it all, each word I say

C               E7
this is how it goes
I get too close
    C/B          Fadd9
And you start falling

C               E7
I can’t get it right
I guess that I’m
    C/B     Fadd9
not really trying

C              Gadd11
Still feel you there
       Am                          Fadd9
As you run your hands through your hair
            C            Gadd11
This is the best we’ll ever be
               Am                 Fadd9
cuz we’re not real, we’re just a fantasy

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