Un Día De Sol


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Intro Am C G

 Am             C
with no heart, no moving no life
There's no bringin' us together
     Am                 C
No picture depiction of live
could change arrange the weather

 Am       C        G

     Am             C        G
I once woke up in the pouring rain,
     Am             C        G
and it hit my mind like an eyedrop
     Am             C        G
My feet started movin' started feelin' insane
     Am             C        G
somethin' like that somethin' like this
     Am             C        G
En un dia de sol me levante y desate los cordones del ancla
     Am             C        G
me fui elevando elevando el cielo

   Am             C        G
En el viento confie y me empezo a llevar por el alba
     Am             C         G
se apodero y tomo tambien control de mis pies algo asi

   Am                           C                        G
I once jumped off of a movin' train I felt the worldoutside up
and upside down
    Am                      C
Started feelin' feelin' my brain
somethin' like that somethin' like this

   D5                Am             C                G
Gire dejandome girar dejandome mover saltando sobre un pie
                 D5        Am      C
sin ver y vole dejandome volar colgandome del aire
dejandome caer al fondo del mar

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