Ure Chole Jay


             Okay so here are the chords of "Ure chole jay" by Vibe.

**Tuning: 1 step down (D-G-C-F-A-D) **

A               D                  F#m      E
chut-te chut-te bohudure chole gechi ami.....eee

A           D         E
ojana ek nirobotar shure...

A               D
dure dure pakhi ure ure

F#m            E
ashe ar chole jay... (x2)

A              D
bohudin pore amay dekhe

A                E
ochena shur gulo jege othe

A               D                F#m
nirobotar shure miliye jai ami....eee

keno... (x2)

shobuj ghasher arale

kuasha khela kore

F#m          E            A      D 
akasher buke  shur jege othe....eee

A            D   
ure ure chole jay
amay eka fele...

apon deshe... (x2)

(And thus goes the other half, exactly the same progression)

shopner deshe ami harabo
harano din gulo phire pabo
akash nile gan geye jabo
aami aami (x2)

tobe amar shathira 
bastob jiboner pothe
aj thomke jawa 
ek  besto pothik...

ure ure chole jay
amay eka fele
apon deshe...

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