Wishbone Ash - Valediction
from Pilgrimage

[Dm]Breathing [Bb]is A [C]sin they [F]say
[Bbmaj7]Loneli[C]ness the [Bb]price to [A7]pay
[Dm]Sad for [Bb]you I [C]go once [F]more
I'll [Bbmaj7]dry my [C]eyes on a [Bb]distant [A7]shore

[Gm]No way of [Dm]freezing a [C]rising [Dm]tide
[Gm]No way of [Bb]keeping you [E7]by my [A]side
[Gm]Like a [Dm]bird [C]I'll fly [Dm]high
[Gm]Guarding [F]over this [Bb]love [C]of [Dm]mine

A [Dm]room of [Bb]trust A [C]room of [F]fears
A [Bbmaj7]room of [C]laughter with a [Bb]few sweet [A7]tears
[Dm]There we [Bb]lay that [C]sunny [F]dawn
[Bbmaj7]Calm but [C]helpless as we [Bb]lingered [A7]on

[Gm]No way of [Dm]breaking the [C]march of [Dm]time
[Gm]No way of [Bb]keeping our [E7]love sub[A]lime
[Gm]Like a [Dm]bird [C]I'll fly [Dm]high
[Gm]Watching [F]over this [Bb]love [C]of [Dm]mine

[Dm]Many [Bb]times we [C]hurry [F]by
[Bbmaj7]Lose our [c]problems in a [Bb]knowing [A7]smile
[Dm]Many [Bb]days were [C]swept A[F]long
[Bbmaj7]Left un[C]noticed as our [Bb]love grew [A7]strong

[Gm]Believing [Dm]each of us would [C]always [Dm]know
[Gm]Believing [Bb]one of us would [E7]never [A]go
[Gm]Like a [Dm]bird [C]I'll fly [Dm]high
[Gm]Watching [F]over this [Bb]love [C]of [Dm]mine

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