West Texas


e|----------7*--------            e|-----------7*--
B|--------7*--7*------            B|--------7*-7*--
G|------7*------7*----            G|------7*---7*--
D|----7*----------7*--  x3  then  D|----7*---------
A|--7*----------------            A|--7*-----------
E|--------------------            E|---------------

B5 A#5 A5 A5 A#5 B5  x2 

B5                                 A#5
  You left New York for West Texas
  A5                         A#5
   To avoid all of your exes
  B5                      A#5    A5
   How ironic but that is your thing

A#5 B5                             A#5
    You left New York for New Jersey
   A5                                A#5
    You took your pills and you got up early
   B5                              A#5 A5
    You felt amazing, I just felt okay

[Intro harmonics]

B5                                 A#5
  I left New York for Rhode Island
A5                                         A#5
  The beachfront town where my grandma resided
B5                                        A#5  
  I went shopping at her favorite stores
    A5                                             A#5
  I bought some stuff I needed, then I bought some more

B5                                 A#5
  You left New York for North Hampton
A5                                             A#5  
  You found a pretty girl and took her out dancing
B5                                         A#5
  The stars above me are the same ones above you 
  I been tryin to play it cool but I still love you
B5 A#5 A5 A5 A#5 B5  x6

[Intro harmonics]

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