When The Bottom Fell Out


         C           G
When the bottom fell out
        F           C
There wasn't any doubt
        Am         Em        F     G
I just suddenly found myself free falling
     C          G
And from such a height
        F          C
The wind, it had a bite
        Am         Em                 F         G
And it took all my might to fight the fright
        Am              Em                      F                  G
The flailing spread eagle must've formed an airfoil or some kinda wing
        Am             Em        F             G
And I gained some equilibrium caught myself gliding

A Em F G

          C           G
When the bottom fell out
     F              C
Observers heard me shout
   Am           Em         F       G
So long, It's been good to know you
    C               G
But when I finallly smash
 F                 C
Into that verdant grass
  Am            Em                   F     G C
I will say It's been pretty great going

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