Wherever You Go


             Song: Wherever You Go 
    By. Sublime With Rome
    Tab by: Bodyboardmaniac (João Oliveira)


              Am            G               Dm
   I wanna be bad with you girl like we're robbing a bank
               Am          G            Dm
   I wanna be mad at the world like it took you away
                  Am        G            Dm
   Don't wanna be mad at myself for my stupid mistakes
                Am            G                Dm
   I wanna go back, I wanna be mad, I wanna go back to the days


 Am          G  
   Just tell me we can
  C              F
   Just for the weekend
 Am              G                 C      F
   Go somewhere far, go somewhere nice, yeah
 Am             G
   No time for thinking
  C            F
   Gone in a blink, yeah
 Am             G                  C     F           
   Just you and I, we'll move it slow


   Wherever you go
   I wanna know
            C                   F
   I wanna walk with you to the shore
   Break down the walls
   Run through the fire
               C                      F
   Promise me now you'll always stay wild
                Am         G     
   Wherever you go oh   oh-oh
             C         F
   I wanna know oh   oh-oh
   Don't let me go
                  G              C      F
   Don't let me wander out your sight

Hope you enjoy brodas (;

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