Work Rest Play Die


             Chords by Paul Wingham from Paul Wingham Acoustic -
I love this song so enjoy!!!

Intro: rhythmic sticks 

Verse 1:
         A                             D
When the people of the country have forgotten how to disagree
    A                   E
The national economy is said to be ok
    A                       D
The wages that you get will help you to forget
         A                       E              A
Will you keep your ideologies or throw them all away

Verse 2:
         A                          D
When the system has you beaten even though you havent eaten
        A                              E
Coz you cant afford to eat or drink to keep your brain alive
          A                       D
Blame the system for the weather, carry on as ever
    A                             E                 A
You go to work at half past 8 and come back home at 5

Verse 3: 
        A                          D   
You can go blue in the face talkin bout the human race
         A                         E
How they got to outer space but it never stopped the wars
        A                         D
And the whole of this humanity is based on greed and vanity
    A                               E                 A
The ones who make decisions are the ones who make the laws

Verse 4:
         A                        D
But your still in this society so whats your main priority
  A                        E
Remain in the majority who never really cared
   A                      D
Or cultivate the hate to annihilate the state
           A                                E                A
Are you prepared to die for your beliefs or just to die your hair

Verse 5:
    A                             D
The anarchist / the nihilist, but can you prove that you exist
     A                          E
To a population who insist your just a bunch of fakes
    A                                 A
You cannot change the system till you change your own convictions
       A                           E    A    E    D   A
Communication and conviction gotta kick un - til  it  breaks

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