You Yourself


C G Am F

C              G         Am            F
Preserve me God, I take refuge in you
C                G             Am      F G
I say to the Lord, you are my God
Am                           G
My happiness lies in you alone

     F          C            F              G  Am
Oh Lord, it is you, you who are my portion and cup
        F            C              G
It is you, you yourself who are my prize
     F               C           F       G   Am
And so, my heart rejoices. My delight is in you
          F                 C             G
Lord you are, you are my treasure, above all

C                  G                Am       F
I will bless the Lord who gives me counsel
C             G               Am             F
Who even at night directs my heart
C           G         Am                     F
I keep the Lord, ever in my side
F                            G
And with him, I shall stand firm

C                G/A               Am            (quick G) F
You show me the path of life, the fullness of joy in your presence
         F                       G
At your right hand, happiness forever

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