Yuwathiyakata Oba Adarenam


A                 D
Yuwathiyakata oba adare nam
E            A
Ayata pawasanna
A               D
Pawasiimeta athapasu we nam
F#m         E     A
Aya geana nosithanna

[Verse 1]
A     A7          Bm
Athin athata yana yehelyane
E        D      A
  Hadawath nokadanna
  D   Bm    A     F#m
  Obe adare pathu yahaluwa
  Bm          E    A
  Epa thawa rawatanna
  D    Bm    A       F#m
  Adarayai jiwithaye arutha
   Bm       E    A
  Epa eya kelesanna
  [Verse 2]
  A    A7       Bm
  Apa jiwithaye heama mohothak
  E         D     A
  Wimasilimath wenna
  D        Bm       A         F#m
  Nisasala diya ala mathupita lassana
  Bm        E       A
  Nowa geaburath danna
  D     Bm      A        F#m
  Adare karanna pera yahaluwa
  Bm         E       A
  Dewathawak    sithanna

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